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Mari Andrews

Seyed Alavi

Claudia Aranovich

Tim Armstrong

Jonathan Barbieri

Lisa Blatt

Paz de la Calzada

Cheryl Coon

Erica Daborn

Patrick Dougherty

Jessica Dunne

Gregory Gavin

I design site-specific projects involving carpentry, film/video, crafts media and running water for museums, neighborhoods , schools and public places. Occasionally I also produce site-generated performances in urban and rural landscapes. I've recently founded a small company called RIVEROPOLIS that produces interactive water play furniture and equipment for us in public art and education contexts.

Dixie Friend Gay
Public art projects: Port of Miami, Indianapolis New Airport,
The Woodlands, TX, City of Austin, TX
Solo exhibitions:The Public and the Private, Sept-Nov, The Art League
Houston, and the American Institue of Architecture Gallery, Houston.

David M. Gibson

Brian Goggin

Melissa Gould

Taraneh Hemami

Leslie Hirst

Marietta Hoferer

Jun'ichiro Ishida

Packard Jennings

Marguerite Kahrl

Pamela Davis-Kivelson
My current work is about portraying facial emotions.
artist in residence to the humanities and Sciences Stanford University.

Tom Knechtel

Walter Kratner

Evri Kwong

Therese Lahaie
Kinetic Sculpture
We are always on the verge of the next movement, breath, gesture,
In this series of kinetic sculptures, glass in animated,
demonstrating its affiliations with light, water, and air. Employing an
unusual combination of glass, steel, motors, and fabric, the visual
vocabulary speaks in the language of the sciences, the
natural world and contemplative practice. The mesmerizing waves
evoke both seascape and landscape in a subtle erotic dance. The pieces
invite viewers to not only look, but to connect to their own rhythms of
heartbeat and breath.

Cynthia Lin

Kara Maria

John McCormick

Timothy Nolan

Lorie Novak

Jonathan Parker

Joan Perlman

John Roloff
The work "Vanishing Ship (Third State)," 1990, part of the DRAP collection, was originally
commissioned by the University of California Berkeley Art Museum MATRIX
program in 1987 as "Vanishing Ship (Greenhouse for Lake Lahontan). The
original idea for the piece was developed during a DRAP residency in

Ann Marie Rousseau

Photographer and painter interested in the world around us.

Tucker Schwarz

Noriko Senshu

Carol Setterlund

Linda Simmel

Yong Sin

Isabelle Smeets

Lisa Stansbie

Linda Stein

Diana Lynn Thompson

currently creating thousands of ceramic stones

John Wehrle
Comments: I am working steadily as a public artist, getting paid to bring beauty and mystery and to create a sense of place where there was none. I am able to practice the meditative activity of painting daily and that, asthey say, is something.

Heather Wilcoxon


Suikang Zhao

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Ted Apel

Karen Aqua

Eliza Barrios

Dina Ciraulo

Mary Hamill

Kara Herold

Allison Leigh Holt

Brenda Hutchinson

Comments: Listen to work at
Check out my most recent "itinerant piece", the Bell Project at

Sarah Klein

Lynn Koble

Christina Kubisch

Paula Levine

Sue Mark

This website documents collaborative research project that helped West & East Oaklanders culturally define, physically locate, and celebrate their neighborhoods through stories and images collected and displayed on a trailer-kiosk pulled by tandem bicycle.

Lorie Novak

Ed Osborn

Roberto Paci Dalo'

Nate Pagel

Gwyan Rhabyt

Gary Roma

Chris Shine

Sara Ching-Yu Sun

Pamela Z

Adrian Van Allen

Hans Winkler

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David Cleary

Claudio Duran AKA Quique Cruz
Chilean-born charango and flute player

Tinta Verde
New Latin American music for the film ¡PABLO NERUDA. ¡PRESENTE. drawing from the musical roots of the Americas, incorporating jazz ideals with South American instruments and rhythms. The album is named "Tinta Verde," after the green ink in which Neruda wrote his poems.
The suite is composed in four parts with a flower at its center. The first part begins with Tinta Verde, in Neruda's southern Chile; a land of rain, forests, volcanoes, and lakes. This music is inspired by the Mapuche people, displaced from their land, still struggling to recover it.
Andean Jazz: A unique north/south collaboration between guitarist Alex de Grassi and Chilean-born charango and flute player Quique Cruz

Brent Michael Davids

Boris Filanovsky
New Contemporary music from Russia

Joshua Fried

I focus on the unique, un-repeatable MOMENT. Machines help me exalt the here-and-now of a performance--one that is in some cases live, in other cases recorded. John Cage asked us to open our musical ears wide, so wide that all sound is included. I might be doing the opposite: I'll take any sound and funnel it down to the width that our ears are right now, today. This is why I treat the chance material with the simplest of transformations: framing, repetition, transposition, basic patterning. New Project: use computer, old shoes and giant wheel to transform found bits of live commercial FM radio, into funky, well-built musical structures-- LIVE. Powerbooksubverts pop.

Arnold Hammerschlag

Trumpeter, composer, improvisor; jazz with classical and new music influences; the
objective is to bring improvisation, composition and acoustic sensibilities together into
pieces that come off like paintings or theater pieces; subtle blending of many styles into a
cohesive whole.

Howard Hersh

Laura Konjetzky

Roger Kleier

Peter Scott Lewis

Cheryl E. Leonard

Annea Lockwood

Keeril Makan 

Randy Nordschow

Georg Nussbaumer

Mathew Rosenblum

Updates: Mathew Rosenblum, professor of music in composition and theory at the University of Pittsburgh, has been named a 2013 Guggenheim Fellow. Chosen from a group of almost 3,000, he is among 175 scholars, artists, and scientists selected in recognition of prior achievement and exceptional promise.

Rosenblum’s proposed project is a concerto for the renowned Classical/Klezmer clarinetist David Krakauer. Titled Lament/Witches’ Sabbath, Rosenblum will compose the concerto for Krakauer and the Boston Modern Orchestra Project, directed by Gil Rose. The new piece will be loosely based on the last movement of Berlioz’s Symphony Fantastique, "Songe d'une nuit du sabbat," and will be a re-working of elements of that music with Klezmer inspired excursions based on the folk elements already embedded in the Berlioz. According to Rosenblum,

“It’s meant as a new piece that appropriates, transforms, and interprets elements from the original. The idea is to mesh my microtonal musical language with David’s improvisational sensibility using aspects of Berlioz’s musical material and the evocative theme of “witches sabbath” as a reference point. The piece will begin with a Lament, and will be 18-25 minutes in length.”

Benjamin Thigpen

Joelle Wallach

Frances White

Updates:I'm delighted to let you know that my work in progress, Maurice Remembered, a chamber opera for baritone/pianist with electronic sound, is now featured on the USA Projects website. USA Projects is a non-profit "microphilanthropy" organization that hosts artists to assist them in their fundraising goals by soliciting donations from individuals to support specific artworks. They have given me the chance to raise $6000 to support the continued creation of Maurice Remembered. This is a unique opportunity for me, because the USA Projects website allows me to showcase my work, and invite your support for it. You can donate any amount -- as little as $1 -- and all donations are tax-deductible. I have until August 10th to meet my fundraising goal, and I feel confident that with your support this will be possible.

Maurice Remembered is based on the novel Maurice by E. M. Forster, and pays homage to another "Maurice" -- composer Maurice Ravel -- by making musical references to some of his works. I'm writing it for a very unique artist, my good friend Tommy Otten, who is not only a world-class pianist but also an accomplished vocalist. Tommy and I are both very excited about this project, and look forward to sharing information about it with you.

So to learn more about Maurice Remembered, please visit my USA Projects page, where you can read a thorough description of the piece, see a video I made about it, hear work samples, join a list of followers, and donate to the project.


CHOREOGRAPHY                           back to top  

Linda Austin

Mike Barber

Rebecca Bryant

Clare Dyson
Updates: Recently part of the Brisbane International Festival. Will start work on 'asche box' - a series
of solo works in Australia and Berlin that were started at the at Djerassi
during my residency.

Joe Goode Performance Group

Martin Inthamouss

Ken James

Debby Kajiyama and Jose Navarrete
Navarrete x Kajiyama Dance Theater

Jodi Lomask

Charles Moulton

Claudine Naganuma

Carol Nolte
Artistic Director, Dance Collective

Stephen Pelton Dance Theater

Cid Pearlman

Deborah Slater Dance Theater

Dr. Schaffer and Mr. Stern Dance Ensemble

Christopher Williams

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Faith Adiele

My travel memoir about being the first black Buddhist nun in Thailand, Meeting Faith: An Inward Odyssey (W.W. Norton), won the Beyond Margins Award for Best Biography/Memoir of 2005 from PEN. I am still touring the country with it and My Journey Home, the acclaimed PBS documentary based on my memoir-in-progress about growing up Nigerian/Nordic-American. I just completed co-editing, Coming of Age Around the World: A Multicultural Anthology, for The New Press.

Sara Backer

Leslee Becker

Updates: 2014 Boston Review Fiction Prize for her story, "Severance"

Karen Benke

Chana Bloch

Elizabeth Block

Stacy Carlson
Comments: My work springs from forgotten details of the historical past. Scientists once believed swallows hibernated at the bottom of lakes; Russian monks aboard a ship in the arctic claimed they saw Judas Iscariot adrift on an ice floe; Harlem was a savanna not too long ago, and PT Barnum hosted a buffalo hunt in Brooklyn. What was in those 18th century scientists’ cabinets? Who were those monks and what could they have been doing in the arctic? What manner of wildlife wandered the Harlem grasslands? I catch details that flash with poetic possibility and harness the imaginative worlds that spring up around them. I build novels for these worlds to live in.
Updates: My novel, AMONG THE WONDERFUL, will be published by Steerforth Press in August 2011.

Olivia Clare

Heidi W. Durrow
1st Annual Mixed Roots Film & Literary Festival

Lisa Glatt

My first novel, A Girl Becomes a Comma Like That, is forthcoming from Simon & Schuster in June.

Valerie Harms

See website for list of books available and workshops.
Currently working on travel meditation and novel.

Greg Hohman
new project

Susan Hubbard

Mark Jackson
Playwright / Director specializing in physical theater, new plays, and contemporary adaptations of classics.

Karen Kevorkian
At Djerassi I was able to turn to writing poetry after many years of writing fiction.

Michael Korie

Daniela Kuper
Comments: New novel of literary fiction out this year--Hunger and Thirst published by St. Martins. Joyce Carol Oates says, "Hunger and Thirst is one of the most vividly imagined and moving novels I've read in recent years. And one of the funniest."

Toni Mergentime Levi

John Maher

Charles Martin
Website contains an overview of my work, with samples and critical responses

Wendell Mayo

Susan Cummins Miller

Bradley Owens

Ruthann Robson

Stephanie Strickland

I am active in print and electronic literature and am enjoying collaborative work.

Staci Swedeen

Joyce Carol Thomas

Siobhan Scarry

Robert Sward

Jeff Walt

Lucy Wang

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