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Scientific Delirium Madness

The Ford Family Foundation Residency for Oregon Visual Artists

The Ford Family Foundation Residency For Oregon Visual Artists

APPLICATION DEADLINE: March 15, 2015 for a residency in 2016

RESIDENCY AWARD: Those selected are offered studio and living space for a 29 day session, all meals and transportation from and to the San Francisco International Airport. Artists will be reimbursed for the cost of air travel and shipping of materials.

ELIGIBILITY: Recipients of the residency and other program resources must meet the following criteria:

  • be a practicing visual artist or media artist currently producing works of art;
  • be a full-time resident of Oregon for at least 36 months prior to the application deadline and remain a resident through the duration of the grant period;
  • maintain Oregon as your primary residence if you participate in an out-of-state residency program or you will not qualify;
  • be 30 years of age or older at the time of application;
  • evidence, through appropriate documentation, a sustained level of commitment to your medium with seven (7) or more years of active professional practice, and not be enrolled in a degree-seeking program, either part-time or full-time at the time of application or during the residency.

ADMISSIONS: Residents are chosen by a panel of professionals in the arts. Final awards of residencies are at the discretion of the Djerassi Program.

APPLICATION PROCESS: Please use the APPLY button on the left. Apply by using the Visual Arts or Media Arts application depending on your work and then select The Ford Family Foundation Residency option on the application form. Reference letters are not required.

NOTIFICATION: Notification of the status of your application will be by September 1, 2014.

RESIDENCY SESSIONS:There are 6 residency sessions each 29 days long from mid-April through mid-November. No shorter or partial residencies are offered. Session 3 (July 6 - August 3) is for *Scientific Delirium Madness* only.

  1. April 13 - May 11
  2. May 18 - June 15
  3. July 6- August 3 *Scientific Delirium Madness*
  4. August 10 - September 7
  5. September 14 - October 1
  6. October 19 - November 16             

SCIENTIFIC DELIRIUM MADNESS: Session 3, July 6- August 3* Scientific Delirium Madness*, a special initiative of Djerassi Program in collaboration with LEONARDO/ISAST. Djerassi will host 6 scientists and 6 creative artists whose work explores the continuum of art and science for a special 29 day residency.

We ask scientists interested in the Scientific Delirium Madness session to use the 2016 Scientific Delirium Madness: Application for Scientists on the slideroom portal.

For the disciplines of visual arts, media arts, literature, music composition, and choreography, if your work is informed or grounded by biology, physics, mathematics, geology, chemistry, agriculture or environmental science, please INCLUDE Session 3 among your prioritized session choices. Residents during this session are expected to participate in the Annual Open House AND may be asked to share their experience in an academic-style conference. IF YOUR WORK IS NOT TIED TO SCIENCE, PLEASE DO NOT SELECT SESSION 3.

COLLABORATIONS: Artists who plan to collaborate during the residency must submit individual applications. Work space needs should be clearly specified (i.e. whether or not separate studios are required). Also indicate if you are interested in attending as an individual artist.

COUPLES: Couples must apply separately with the understanding that each applicant will be reviewed separately by their discipline’s panel. If both artists are selected, we will make every effort to schedule you at the same time and arrange appropriate accommodations. Separate studios will be assigned unless otherwise requested. Please note on your applications if you would like to share the same living quarters.

FEES: A nonrefundable processing fee of $45 is required with each application. Media uploads are inlcuded in this fee. The fee is to be paid by credit card at the end of the on-line application process in slideroom.

FACILITIES: Each selected resident for The Ford Family Foundation Residency is provided a private bedroom and studio space in the Artists Barn. The studios in the barn are rustic with wood burning stoves, modest sleeping lofts and shared bathrooms. There is also a kitchen, a large common area, and laundry facilities in the Barn. The Program employs a chef who prepares communal dinners Monday through Friday, and provisions both kitchens. Residents are expected to prepare their own breakfasts, lunches, and weekend dinners using ingredients supplied by the Program. Dietary restrictions are accommodated.


Please email Judy Freeland, Residency Coordinator with questions regarding the application process.

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