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Current Supporters

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Current Supporters

Now in its 35th year, the Djerassi Resident Artists Program and the artists it serves extends warm gratitude and sincere appreciation to the following dedicated supporters who gave so generously from March 1, 2013 through February 28, 2014. Donors at every level enable us to support and enhance the creativity of artists through the gift of time. We also wish to thank and acknowledge all of our special event and tour attendees for their interest and support. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of these lists, please contact the Development Office at (650) 747-1250 with any changes or additions.

Endowed Fellowships
The Mildred Sherrod Bissinger Memorial Endowed Fellowship
The Hannah S. and Samuel A. Cohn Memorial Foundation Endowed Fellowship
The John D. and Susan P. Diekman Endowed Fellowship:
The Pritzker Foundation Endowed Fellowships
The Bessie Schönberg Memorial Endowed Fellowship
The Erik A. Takulan Memorial Endowed Fellowship

Legacy Circle
$25,000 +
John D. and Susan P. Diekman
The Ford Family Foundation
National Endowment for the Arts
The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

Founder’s Circle
$10,000 +
Helen L. and Peter S. Bing
Lava Thomas and Peter Danzig

Fellowship Circle
$5,000 - $9,999
Patricia E. Bashaw and Eugene Segre
The Fleishhacker Foundation
The Kathryn Green Fund
Anne and Rodney Pearlman
Roy A. Hunt Foundation
San Francisco Film Society
David and Cindy Stanley

Visionary Circle
$2,500 - $4,999
Gary and Gay Bridges
Simona Hodek and Bill Martin
Leah Middlebrook in memory of Diane Middlebrook
Ronald and Ann Williams Charitable Foundation
Randall Schwabacher and Kristine Elliott
Cass Calder Smith
Darlene Yaplee and Don Jackson

Director’s Circle
$1,000 - $2,499
The Ariko Family Foundation
Johanna K. and Thomas R. Baruch
Agnes Bourne and Stu Plummer
The J. Robert Coleman Jr. and Diane Sanders Coleman Family Trust in memory of Diane Middlebrook
Dale Djerassi
Daniel Dodt and Linda Blacketer
Randi and Bob Fisher
Dana and Mary Gioia
Larry S. Goldfarb
Kay Sprinkel Grace
Mary Hamill* and John Neale
The Larry S. Goldfarb Foundation
James Maceda
Judith Nissman Taylor*

Virtuoso’s Circle
$500 - $999
Timothy P. Collins
Susan P. and John D. Diekman in memory of Mortimer Herzstein
Peter Fish and Nancy Johnson
Laura Grigsby
Linda Hartmann
S. Bruce Heister
George and Ann Hogle
Liz and Tom King
Jack Loftis and Vibeke Strand MD
Paul Max Payton*
Arnold Rampersad in memory of Diane Middlebrook
Frances White*
Jim Wickett
Irvin and Marilyn Yalom in memory of Diane Middlebrook

Inspiration Circle
$250 - $499
Edward T. and Lois G. Anderson
Jan Blythe* in memory of Retta Blythe
C. Stuart Brewster
Roald Hoffmann*
Judy Hubbell*
Holly and Karl Knapp in memory of Diane Middlebrook
Susan Lake
Susan Mendelsohn
Arthur Ourieff in memory of Vernie Gusack Ourieff*
Bradley Jay Owens* and Alka Joshi
Marianne Pallotti
Richard A. Peterson and Kathleen Elkins in honor of Dennis and Catie O’Leary
Kirk Pohl
Mary Lake Polan in memory of Diane Middlebrook
Thierry Porté and Yasko Tashiro- Porté
Karl Soehnlein* and Kevin Clarke
Michael Yochum

Artists’ Circle
$100 - $249
Anonymous (2)
Charles Amirkhanian and Carol Law
Chana Bloch* in memory of Diane Middlebrook
Lorraine Bonner
Richard Boyer
Jethro Busch
Ken and Candy Caldwell
Ken Chowder*
Wanda M. and Joseph J. Corn
Eva Davidova*
Lisa Z. Davis
Melissa Day*
Jessica Dunne*
Heidi Durrow*
Boris Fishman*
Virginia Fontana
Frank Foreman* in memory of Mel Henderson*
Eileen Fredrikson
Diana Hume George in memory of Diane Middlebrook
Susan J. Goodell*
Loretta Guarino
Rhyena Halpern
Michael Harrison*
Matt Ingalls*
Richard and Christine Jeffers
Mike Jussila and Elaine Fukushima
Cynthia Kagay
Guy Klucevsek*
Jack Lissauer
Aaron J. Loeb
Jamis and Margaret MacNiven
Lady Branda Maddox in memory of Diane Middlebrook
Sara Shelton Mann*
Norman E. Matteoni
Jim and Elizabeth McCroskey
Nancy McCroskey
T. Michael and Yvonne Nevens
Anthony Phillips*
Nora Raggio* in memory of Mario Miguel Raggio
Lucinda Reinold
John Roloff*
RoseAnn Rotandaro
Marjorie G. Sa’adah
Janet and Victor Schachter
Blake Schwabacher in honor of Randall Schwabacher
Randall Schwabacher and Kristine Elliott in honor of James von Rittmann
Thomas Seligman and Rita Barela
Peter Stein*
Bob Tyson* in memory of Mel Henderson*
Camille Utterback*
Stephen Vincent* in memory of Mel Henderson*
Robin Wander
Kim Worsencroft
Richard N. and Susan L. Zare

Ranch Hand
to $99
Autumn and Andy Ames in honor of Margot H. Knight
Mari J. Andrews*
Olive Ayhens*
Shawn M. Ball and Anna Q Crowley
Ciel Bergman*
Phillip S. Boehm
Laura Catherine Brown*
Joanne Bruggemann
L. Christopher Burns*
Carolyn and Robert Bush
Taylor Ho Bynum*
Rachel Cantor*
Christian Cutul
Michael Damm*
Pamela Davis Kivelson*
Paz de la Calzada*
Jamie Diamond*
Judith Fishwick
H. Susan Freireich*
Christy Funsch*
Alice Adams Gordy*
Laura Gould and Severo M. Ornstein
Daniel Gwirtzman*
Kathryn Haskell and John Bucklin
James Hass
Howard Hersh*
Greg Hohman*
Su-Chen Hung*
Drue Kataoka* in honor of S.Y.
Lynn Koble*
Kotker Family Trust
Marianne Lettieri
Peter Scott Lewis*
Karen and John Luebben
Jonathan Peter Luskin*
Kara Maria*
Frances McCormick*
Laura McHugh
Gretchen Jane Mentzer*
Susan Miller*
Patricia Montley*
Aífe Murray*
Yves Neyroud Musard*
Richard Newton
Timothy Nolan*
Robert S. Pesich*
Evelyn Jean Pine*
Brocchini Reddy Family Trust
Andrew P. Saito
Linda Simmel*
Nova Ren Suma*
Jo Ann and Bruce Thompson in memory of Mortimer Herzstein
Mark and Helen Verber
Laura Viale*
Paul Villinski*
G.C. Waldrep*
Cheryl Walsh*
Tyronne Williams*
Ian Winters*
Judith Wolken
Robert A. Wykes*
Chun Yu*

In-Kind Donors
Linda Bouchard
Susan P. and John D. Diekman
Elizabeth Fergason
Margot H. Knight and Nick Walsh

Our deepest admiration and gratitude for the vision and support of Carl Djerassi and the Djerassi Family.

*Djerassi Program alumnus/alumna

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